No More Moana Massage ...

It has become so present now that I choose to trust the process and evolve into a New Direction for Moana Massage…

I have consciously trusted my gut and will be transitioning from Massage to Coaching… full time.
So that means no more massage.

Thank you to everyone of you for your love and support I have received over the last few years…

My soul purpose has always been to help others ever since I was a little girl… everything I have ever achieved through my work has lead me to this pathway.

Don’t be shy, keep in touch and if you need recommendations for a new massage therapist, I will be more than happy to help you.

If you have a voucher for Moana Massage, I will be honouring these so please get in touch to arrange!


Woman’s Empowerment Coaching

I now offer Woman’s Empowerment Coaching sessions, where you can learn new tools and practices for self care massage. Incorporating coaching session around mindfulness practices to support you through stress and anxiety.