Embrace The Power Within

Embrace The Power Within

12 weeks Self Love Program

Designed to help Woman to live their best life ever.

• Weekly Zoom Coaching 45-60mins
• Exclusive Facebook Page
• Weekly Check ins
• A Self Love Ritual Kit

Weekly Topics – 45-60mins per topic

• Reclaiming Your Feminine Power
• The Power Of Forgiveness
• Celebrating Your Goddess Power
• Creating Powerful Boundaries
• Creating a Power manifestation ritual
• Embracing The Power Within

Add- on VIP option
• 3 separate 1:1 Coaching – 60mins

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Includes Self Love Ritual Kit

A Pamper Package Just For You

Self Love Ritual Kit includes:

• 1 Crystal Candle
• 1 Luxe Smudge Set
• 1 Crystal
• 1 Pussy Reclamation Book by Regina Thomashauer
• 1 Self Love Journal
• 1 Rainer Evans Tarot Reading
• 1 Photography Shoot with Natalie Waugh x3 Exclusive Photos
• 1 Healy and Meditation Session with Moana, 45min
• 1 Goddess Self Love Oil
• 1 Goddess Self Love Coffee Scrub
• 1 KawaKawa Tea
• 1 FlashDrive with all Links and Tools and Resources to keep

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What Other Goddesses Say ...

  • I am week 3 into the Goddess programme with Moana and it has been so revealing! I have always been someone who has tried to fix the problem, but Moana has supported me to realise that it all starts with self! Being kinder and compassionate to self will increase our love and decrease lack! This then spreads out into the other areas of our life! Moana is supporting and caring and creates a safe space to work on yourself x Thanks so much!
  • Oh Moana. Where to even begin with you. My world has changed so much since being on the "Goddess within" journey. I have so many tools that I can refer back too throughout my life and even share with my kids!!!! I worked through lots emotional trauma during your forgiveness week, this was a pivotal moment for me. I have smashed down so many walls and barriers that kept me from growing. I recommend this course to anyone feeling stagnant and stuck within themselves and their lives. This course will shift you so much. In the best way possible. Thank you my beautiful Moana.
  • I have been doing The Goddess Within Course, with Moana for the last six weeks. This course has helped me to cope better when it comes to dealing with my emotions, due to my Chronic Head Pain. I have definitely noticed the positive changes in myself and confidence. I now have the tools I need to continue moving forward in the world. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to connect better within themselves emotionally and spiritually
  • When I look back to how I was living my life 6 weeks ago to how much had improved since then, the results are huge. I joined the Goddess Within coarse because I was deeply insecure and couldn't figure out how to overcome the insecurities within myself. Flash forward to now, I have learnt so much about myself that I was suppressing and have really started to love myself fully as I am right now. I'm so grateful for doing this coarse because if I had chosen to continue my old ways, I would not have the tools, guidance and love for myself to unleash the Goddess within myself.
  • Moana is an incredible guide. Thanks to her support, reassurance and guidance, I have been able to dig within myself and start to heal from traumas that i had so deeply repressed, thinking that they didn't affect me anymore She has provided me with so many tools to continue this journey within myself. Moana gives space for others to open up and this is testament to her authenticity and honesty, making others feel so comfortable and safe to also be their authentic selves. This course has changed my life in terms of the way I see myself and the person I want to become. I highly recommend Moana's work to anyone who feels like they are limited and are struggling to reach their personal potential. Thank you for everything Moana! You truly are an exceptional human.
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