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When we speak of massage, generally we think of our body. Yet what about our face?

Often, this most visible and scrutinised public part of our body is overlooked. If we do look at it, it is often with critical eyes, especially as we grow older. An area rich in pressure points and meridians, the head, face and throat area, are often where much tension is held. Eventually this can impact on the skin and toning of our face – showing up as signs of what is termed ageing, as it is estimated that 80% of our stress is held in the head, face and neck. Whilst beauty facials are suggested as one alternative option, what if there was a face massage treatment that could bring total body relaxation, whilst toning and relaxing the face on a deep and regenerative cellular level, at the same time? And all this without the use of any facial products and regardless of your skin type or condition. Well, now there is!

Facial Radiance™, developed by Lynda Davenport, is an anti-ageing and stress relieving massage technique, for both men and women of all ages. This gentle massage technique, follows the meridians on the head and face and massages the facial muscles, releasing stress and trauma from the cells. Unlocking the skin cells in this way, stimulates collagen, improves epidermal elasticity, tones the facial muscles, plumps the skin, providing a radiance to the face and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The whole face and neck appears more contoured and the eyes clearer and more open.


Facial Radiance
60 minutes