Sacred Hot Stone Massage

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About Sacred Hot Stone Massage

When you arrive, I will check what shower water temperature you like, as a guide to the stone temperature. A stone will be removed from the heater, tested on your arm to check it is the right temperature for you.

Your table will be prepared with a sheet and towels and bed heating before you get on. Basalt stones are used, as these stones hold the temperature a lot longer and therefore give a longer and more flowing massage.

You will be lying on a bed of stones. The heat from the stones will deeply penetrate in the back muscles giving a more relaxing and therapeutic experience. This also has the added benefit that the back will be warmed up when you turn over. Therefore, allowing a deeper back massage into all those muscles that need the extra work. Amazing results without the pain of a deep tissue massage.

While the back of your body is being heated by the stones the front of your body is getting massaged with smooth hot stones. Additional volcanic, smooth stones are then placed on different parts of your body; (These parts of our body are called the energy points (chakras) for these areas also need to feel the warmth and be healed.)

Pre-heated volcanic stones are then placed under the palms of your hands. (It feels like having your hand held by a loved one, and toe stones can also be placed in between each toe, which is surprisingly a great feeling.)

There are many therapeutic benefits of a hot stone massage as well as improving your general well-being and feeling totally nurtured as your muscles melt as the warmth cocoons your body.

It’s like lying on a warm beach with the sun caressing your body and feeling totally relaxed and contented.


Sacred Hot Stone Massage | 60 minutes
Sacred Hot Stone Massage | 90 minutes
Sacred Hot Stone Massage | 120 minutes